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Why Work at Kobayashi

Kobayashi is a dynamic, growing company driven by innovation, collaboration, and diversity. At our U.S. headquarters in Dalton, GA, you’ll benefit from global perspectives and an open and honest culture. Kobayashi also provides an excellent benefits package that includes health insurance, dental insurance, 401K, paid vacations, career development, and much more.

How We Hire

We’re on a mission to find, attract, and bring aboard talented, forward-thinking team players who share a passion for communication, creativity, and innovation. Our employees reflect global perspectives, share new ways of working, and have the opportunity to influence business decisions at all levels. We invite you to search our database of currently available positions.



In addition to having a large impact on your smaller team, most every employee has the opportunity for prolonged face time with the highest levels of management. Each opinion is taken seriously, no matter who speaks up. As such, each employee has the opportunity to drastically affect business decisions, making our company more honest, open, and stronger.

Company Culture

At Kobayashi, most employees work in small, close-knit teams, each with their own micro-culture and work styles. Employees can make a significant impact on their teams and also have many opportunities to connect with the highest levels of management, where their opinions are taken seriously. Our open and honest culture means that each employee has the potential to influence business decisions and make our company stronger as a result.


"Working with Kobayashi Consumer Products has been such a fruitful, enjoyable experience. The culture of teamwork cultivates understanding and growth and encourages asking questions and challenging the status quo. The constant desire for innovation permeates every project and goal and invites ideas and suggestions to make the company better. It is so exciting to think of where the company will go in the next five years."

- Marketing -

"I started working with Kobayashi shortly after graduating from university and immediately felt welcomed throughout the entire office. Here I found myself in my first full-time opportunity working with an amazing company, doing something I enjoy, and progressing my career professionally and personally. One rarity in this company is that all our senior staff are approachable, employees have access to the CEO, CFO, etc. We have an effective leadership team, our leaders allow for growth of the organization, but at a very responsible and reasonable rate. I’m proud to be a part of this exceptional organization."

- New Product Development -

"I am proud to say I have been with Kobayashi for over a decade. This company is the clear leader in hand warmer technology across all channels and we've grown tremendously over the last few years. This has afforded me the opportunity to grow in a multitude of ways professionally. Also, the talent across departments makes for an awesome place to attack retail challenges for the present and future marketplace!"

- Sales -

"Kobayashi is a wonderful family-oriented company to work for. Upper management makes you feel appreciated and values your time that you put in every day."

- Accounts Receivable -

"On the Kobayashi team, there are no strangers. It didn't take long for me to feel like I had been part of the Kobayashi family for a long time. I cannot think of any other place that welcomes others in better than the wonderful people of Kobayashi."

- Supply Chain -

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